The best affordable fashion brands in India

Once we have studied the fashion runway, we know which trends will stand out in 2024. There are garments that this year will become a classic and that cannot be missing in your closet. For example, maxi skirts, silk blouses, an oversized denim piece, a small handle bag or cargo pants. In India there are brands like Forever 21, H&M, Koovs and United Colors of Benetton that are a must when it comes to shopping because they concentrate the best of fashion at affordable prices. Discover these chains and get in tune with the Indian spring. Everything you need to know about these fashion brands, you can find it here. We give you a plus: bargain prices for the clothes that are going to break this season.


Whether in light and sophisticated materials such as satin or leather, cargo pants will be one of the must-haves of 2024. Its casual touch makes it impeccable for both day-to-day wear and an informal evening event. It is always worn with a sophisticated shoe and a cashmere sweater or with silk shirts. At H&M you will find a wide variety of cargo pants, ranging from 1600 rupees to 3000 rupees. There are a variety of sizes and colors.

Forever 21

For the day with ankle length or for an evening event, just off the ground, maxi skirts are the trendy touch that your closet needs. They are ideal to combine with a simple sweater in a neutral color. At Forever 21 a maxi skirt costs 3100 rupees. Without spending too much, you can look elegant at any time of the day. This company specializes in fast fashion and its products include clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear and perfumes.


Oversize will definitely take over denim in 2024. Both in jeans and in shirts and jackets. A garment like this will give a rejuvenating and trendy touch to your closet of basics. At Koovs you can get a denim jacket with faux fur collar at 3300 rupees. Primark designs, manufactures and markets its own clothing line. You can find different collections according to your tastes and preferences. They also have an inspiration section on their website to help you find your perfect style.

United Colors of Benetton

Romantic style is back with a bang this season with satin and silk shirts. If minimalism is your thing, invest in a white or off-white model. Silk shirts are ideal to wear with straight jeans or in a seventies version with wide legs and sandals for a sophisticated look suitable for day and night. At United Colors of Benetton there are silk shirts for €1600 rupees, ideal for going out with friends or going to the office. You can use them to combine different types of looks. A plus? The arrival of spring calls for a sensibly sized, small-handled bag that can be carried in the hand.

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The best affordable fashion brands in India

From fashion to electronics: explore India's vast discounts

From fashion to electronics for you or for your home. Also construction materials such as faucets, power tools and paints. Another of the jewels of India are the carpets and cotton manufactures.

The variety and affordability of things in India will not let you go home empty-handed as a traveler. It is a country where you will have to bargain and you will be able to access incredible prices if you know how to do it. What can you get discounts on? Let’s explore:

Cotton items

Because of the fame of cotton in the country, you can buy it anywhere, be it a store or a market. Tourists choose to buy clothes or textiles in India because the quality is superior to that of European countries and for a lower price.

The cotton Sari, Indian shirts and tunics are a good buy. Not to mention that most markets have this type of merchandise. If you want quality, we recommend cotton from Rajasthan.


Indian rugs are famous for their durability. They are made from natural silk, wool and cotton yarns. To top it off, they come in beautiful colors and a wide variety of unique patterns. Carpets are basically used to decorate the house, especially the floor. However, you can buy a handmade silk painting and hang it on the wall. The quality of these products is very high, so you will have a carpet in perfect condition for decades.

You can find these decorative items in the markets where you can negotiate the price with the sellers. It is true that the price is high and justified, but you can make a good buy if you set your mind to it.

Indian jewelry

Although the style of Indian jewelry is interesting. You have at your disposal bracelets, necklaces and earrings decorated with colored stones and some with engravings that are interesting. If you are looking for the best jewelry, go to the markets or gift stores.

Although it is true that it is too expensive to buy gold and silver jewelry in India. Precious metals are not tested at all and you can buy believing it to be real gold when it is not.


Natural cosmetics are very popular among Indian women. The perfect gift for a girlfriend, sister or mother is a cosmetic made from natural oils. You have a wide variety of products to choose from: creams, masks, oils to shampoo and skin products made from natural herbs. They can also serve as decorative and aromatic souvenirs.

Indian henna, made from natural elements, is very famous among tourists. A delicious coconut oil or natural handmade soap is a souvenir that will delight anyone.

Natural Indian spices

Indian markets are full of natural spices of all kinds. The most popular is undoubtedly cardamom which is used for many preparations of typical Indian dishes. Saffron, cinnamon and zira are also widely used in cuisine.

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From fashion to electronics: explore India's vast discounts

Flavors of India: a culinary symphony

India has a myriad of flavors. It is not only known in the world for being one of the most populous countries and the birthplace of two great religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, but also for its cuisine.

The climate and territory in India varies by region, so certain foods are available in some areas more than others, which influences the cuisine.

For example, northern cuisine often uses lamb and chicken, as well as wheat and millet. In the south, spicier dishes are prepared because it has some arid lands that are perfect for growing chili. Because it is surrounded by the sea, fish and seafood are especially used in the area. A true culinary symphony!

A review of the most popular dishes:


A kind of crisp-wrapped patty made of very thin wheat flour dough. It is fried in oil or clarified butter and filled with potatoes and vegetables seasoned with spices. It is served with chutney sauce.


A preparation based on basmati rice, spices and beef or chicken. There are other varieties with vegetables to taste. It is a very common side dish. The Muslim faction in India usually consumes it with lamb at the end of Ramadan (the month of fasting).

Chicken tikka masala

The base is chicken marinated in yogurt. It is baked with a masala sauce (spice mixture), which contains, among other ingredients, tomato, garlic and coconut milk. These add creaminess and an aromatic flavor.

Naan bread

It is flattened, accompanies numerous preparations or is the base for kebabs. It includes wheat flour, yeast, sugar, yogurt and butter. It is baked attached to the walls of the tandoor oven, a traditional clay construction with cylindrical shape.


It is a refreshing milkshake made from natural or Greek yogurt, ice, cardamom and ginger. It can have other ingredients depending on the region such as fruits, additional spices and sugar.

Tandoori chicken

The chicken is marinated in yogurt spiced with tandoori masala, a mixture of spices. It includes cayenne for a spicy flavor and in other regions cumin, pepper and ginger are added. It is cooked in a tandoor oven and served with rice.

Dhal or dal

They are dried legumes without skin. It can be a dish of beans, peas or lentils in its different varieties. They are stewed with spices such as turmeric, ginger, cumin, garlic and coriander. In some regions of India they add vegetables (onion, tomato and spinach).

Aloo Dum

A vegetarian recipe based on small potatoes. They are sautéed and slow cooked in a spicy sauce with curry, yogurt and a number of spices such as fennel seeds, coriander and cumin, chilis, cardamom, dried ginger, cloves and black pepper.

No matter if you are a visitor or an inhabitant, the gastronomy of this country always has something unique and delicious to offer you.

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Flavors of India: a culinary symphony

How to bargain in India

The main characteristic of commercial transactions in India is the customer's ability to negotiate prices downward at the time of purchase, the so-called bargaining.

The price is not fixed by the seller, but seeks a balance with the desire and purchasing power of the buyer. What is usually bargained in India? Typically in the markets: from clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, to certain hostels and means of transport.

India stands out for its great bargaining power, so bargaining is a must if you are traveling for tourism, work or business.

Have you ever bargained? Here are some tips on how to do it:

Not showing interest

A key tip is to show no interest in the object you want and on which you are haggling over its price. Present an attitude of indifference, as if you are just hanging out for the sake of hanging out.

Offer half of what they ask for

If you are asked 1200 rupees for an object, you offer half. The seller will usually be offended, so you go up in price little by little. If the seller does not budge on the price or does not reach the price you want, you can use the “I'm leaving, I'm not interested” strategy.

Apply the strategy of “I'm leaving, I'm not interested”

Even if you are very interested in buying an object, never show your interest and. If necessary, say goodbye and leave the store. It may happen that they call you to give you a good counteroffer or accept your own offer. It can also happen that they don't come after you and you are left with the desire.


Go to other establishments that sell the same thing you are looking for. Make a price survey and you will realize that you can get what you want at a lower price than you had in mind. You will have an advantage since you will know what you have been offered in other places.

Don't haggle in fixed-price stores

Seeing a fixed-price store is not difficult. These prices are the benchmark with other stores that don’t have a fixed price. Pre-packaged items such as bottled water, cosmetics, brand name items, packaged meals and electronics are sold at fixed prices. These prices include taxes, so the price tag tells you exactly how much you need to pay for them. Unless the store advertises a discount, it is rare for a merchant to sell below the printed maximum sale price.

Don't fall into the trap of guilt

If the store owner offers you refreshments, you should politely refuse, even if he is insistent. Accepting such hospitality might prevent you from leaving immediately if you don't like what is sold there.

The salesperson may actually be trying to guilt you into buying. Keep in mind, however, that not all cases are the same. Offers 365 brings you all the deals catalogs of your favorite stores in India. Explore them and shop now guilt free. You won't regret it!


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How to bargain in India

Unmissable deals and discounts: your guide to saving big

India, like every other country in the world, is a land of opportunity. Not only will you pick up a rug and a cotton garment at a great price after bargaining, but you can also make the most of the local and reputable stores. You may wonder how you can save big in a nation that offers a plethora of tempting products. Here are some tips for you to implement when you go shopping, whether it's for groceries or technology:

Define your budget

A tip that never fails is to define your budget beforehand. That is, take just enough money to buy only what you need. Even if there are temptations like candy and sweets at the supermarket, you won't have enough money to spend and you will have to stick to your list. Try not to take children with you. They will want to buy everything they see and could put you in a bind. Knowing what you're going to spend is the best strategy to avoid regretting it at the end of the day.

Make a list

Once you have defined the money you will spend on monthly, weekly or daily shopping, make a list of what your needs are. Only go through the shelves of what you are going to buy and avoid being distracted by products on sale. Stay away from vices. The same applies to small and large household appliances. If you are about to change them, prioritize the one that will be most needed at first.

Buy products on sale

Buying products on sale is a good trick, although it doesn't always work. Many times we let ourselves be seduced by promotions and end up with useless expenses. We buy what's on sale just because it's cheap and not because we really need it. But if you really are a bargain hunter, you can manage to use promotions to your advantage.

Compare prices

All the stores in India compete by discounting the same products. That's why you have to compare prices. You may see a discounted product in a specific store, but in another one it may be cheaper. Of course... you have to make sure that it doesn’t include shipping costs or after-sales service. This could make your purchase more expensive and not be favorable.

Check the real savings

Many stores play with percentages to show discounts. It's an eye-catching way to get you to buy with ads like “40% off” or “Everything with 20% off”. When you see offers where the percentage is highlighted, check the price very well. A 5% discount on an u$s800 cell phone is better than a 21% discount on a u$s15 flash drive. The real savings are much better on more expensive products, when the cheaper ones are just a few dollars change. Another tip: if you are interested in a product, you should prioritize it before it runs out.

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Unmissable deals and discounts: your guide to saving big

Spruce up your living space with these budget-friendly finds

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but time flies and we must update it. Whether with or without renovations, we will help you to make this part of the house always look immaculate and in line with the times. Another of the most important points when renovating the house is the bathroom. Incorporating a jacuzzi is a good option or updating the bathtub. In India there are a lot of furniture stores where you can find everything you need without overspending. Spruce up your living space with these budget-friendly finds. Let the creativity in you shine and help yourself with these tips below:

Buy returned furniture

It isn't the same to see the item in the showcase as it is to see it in your home. Many buyers get cold feet and return it. The bad thing for the stores is that, on many occasions, they no longer sell them at the same price as before, so you should ask where the returned furniture is and confirm if they have any kind of discount. It is a good alternative to have a new product in your house, but without having spent thousands of dollars. Although we may be embarrassed, this option is used by many Indians to remodel their homes.

Use coupons

Believe it or not, India is a country where coupons are very popular for shopping, and of course you can't miss the coupons for furniture stores. You can redeem coupons in physical stores specializing in decoration and also online. Even if you have recently bought a house, real estate agents can offer you some coupons to help you organize your home. Using discount coupons is really an advantage, especially if you have to buy large and expensive furniture such as armchairs or sommiers.

Take advantage of online bargains and offers

Remember the days when you had to look in newspaper classified ads? Luckily now we have the internet and it is extremely useful to help us look for bargains. Try searching for products in areas near you and remember to factor in logistics costs. If you can, make sure you see the furniture in person before you buy it. You'll avoid unwanted surprises. Virtual shopping gives us the possibility to have the prices of many furniture stores and choose the best price that suits our budget.

Buy used furniture

One feasible option is to buy used furniture. When comparing the cost of new versus used furniture, don't forget to include the cost of dismantling, transporting and assembling the furniture. Even taking these expenses into account, you can still save a lot of money. Many times people who sell furniture do so because they are moving and no longer want it. You are making them a favor by taking what they don't want and you can negotiate an even lower price.

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Spruce up your living space with these budget-friendly finds

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